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OMR India Outsources Pvt. Ltd.

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Turnkey Examination Services

Turnkey Examination Process

A University or an any educational institution wants to make sure it has most transparent examination process along with efficient students grievance redressal system. We stand with those universities who believe that they are for students and not vice versa. Unless a university provides a fair and transparent marking system and making sure no loop holes are present in there system, it cannot be termed as a educational institution.  To help such universities to achieve its vision , team at OIPL takes this as there personal mission. To bring technology which is transparent and effective. OIPL does not believe that you just put technology which is only on papers.

Whether as a University you  like to outsource it as a service or you want to build your inhouse technology infrastructure. 

OIPL Provides end to end Solution on Examinations for Universities ,Colleges and Schools or alternatively the module you would like to work with us.

Examination for University is divided into

Pre Examination Process
Our Services Includes but not Limited to      

Online Application Form – Candidate Fills the Data from the Online Form.Verification of the Data for the Course Applied/Degree for using checks and process inbuilt with Smart API. Uploading of the Photo and matching the same .Verification from the existing Data of the Student

Admit Card Generation – SMS , EMail, OTP based Information and Verification System with ROLL ID and other Details

Test Centre Management – Based on the Candidate Choice of Centre and availability of the same, a Centre is allocated to the Candidate as per their choice. Delivery of the Invigilator Kits and other things.

Answer Sheet Printing- Design of the Answer Booklet with front cover OMR Sheet as 24/32/36/40 pages or as per customer need. They are  Printed  under Strict Security .The OMR Scanner is proving every OMR Sheet and are pre fed with OMR Scanner so we do not face any problem at the later stage at OMR Scanning.

Question Paper Printing
Our Security Printing Unit, provides the Confidential Printing ,under a strictly monitored CCTV, Biometric and other security Provision as prescribed by IBA and RBI.

E-Transfer of Question Paper
We Provide Software from the secured Database to the Centre. At the Centre the Invigilator can download the same using secure FTP and the PDF File gets decrypted with audit trail of what happen to the file. The Document are then Printed at the Centre Using High Speed Printers. It saves Huge Logistic and Security Cost.

2. Conduction of Examination.
Logistic Services at Test Centre at District Level or State Level. Normally Universities have their own test Centres, but we also have our testing centres which  We have successfully tied up with over 8,00,000 Candidate for Centre. Our Centre is verified with ISO Certified Process, Checks like Black Listing of the Centre, Mapped with Google for Easy Reaching of the Candidate. Capacity, Air, Water, toilet, Invigilator and Most of our Centre are also equipped with CCTV. 

Biometric Services
Android Based Biometric Services and Solution is available with us, where the Candidate can register and verified.

Video Recording at Centre
Our inhouse Video Recording system can also provide Video recording Services

Logistic of Confidential Documents
All the Confidential Logistics is done through a GPS Based Services which can provide details of Logs , delivery time and opening time of the Secured Boxes.

Post Examination Process
Pre Examination work is the foundation of the Examination Process and if that base is made right, you expect a solid result formaon. Post Examination Suite involves the following process depending upon the Process University Follow. OMR India Outsources Pvt. Ltd. provide all the following Methodology for the University to pursue Digital Evaluation Process. Process 1 & 2 reduces a huge amount of Data Entry and accuracy also security and malpractice can be stopped due to the process.

1. OMR Based Evaluation Process
Pasting Barcod b. Automatic Dummy Numbering Machine System
3. Manual Coding/Decoding Process
4. OMR Based Evaluation process is by Pasting Barcode or Pre Printed Barcode Process In this Process the Sheet from the Centre come to the Evaluation Centre where the same are being counted. The Process of the Counting is not easy but the process can be streamlined using Barcode and Packing of the Booklet. The Front Cover of the Booklet is an OMR Form which has the Student Data, Evaluator Marking Scheme. There can be two Process

3. Pre-Printed Barcode Three Part Evaluation Process.
3 Part Evaluation which means already pre-printed Barcode and Part 1 which consist of the Student Data is being torn, before supplying it to the Evaluator. In this process you need to scan all the Slips of Student as well as the Marks Received from the Evaluator, which can sizeably increase the scanning and there by me lines. Even under the above circumstances OMR India Outsources Pvt. Ltd. has an array of scanners and manpower to carry out high volume job.

Barcode Pasting  on the Two Part Booklet
Barcode is manually pasted on Two Part Booklet, it looks manual process but it does help for future revaluation work. And also decrease the Scanning Sizeably as there is a separate OMR Sheet called award sheet is used which have the data of 20-25 candidates where the Marks of the Students are shaded along with Dummy Number Barcode.

Dummy Numbering using Opex Scanner
The Most Sophisticated and Latest in the trend is using the Automatic Dummy Numbering Scanner Using Opex. Opex Falcon Scanner along with workflow defined by Team of OMR India Outsources Pvt. Ltd. can manage it. The Scanner put the dummy number along with Capturing of the Data of the Student front Cover. So in future if any student claim for his booklet you can show him an un torn booklet front cover.

 ( Below is the Process) ( Include Youtube Video of Front Cover Dummy Numbering)             

  1. Evaluator is handed over the Mixed Booklets along with the Award Sheet as per the process
  2. Evaluator evaluates and send the same back to us on the Dummy Number.
  3. Merging the Dummy Number /Barcode with the Candidate Roll ID, Course Code and the Marks Obtained
  4. Generang the TRC Chart for the Final Result
  5. Generang the Hard Copy report
  6. Generang the Final Result for the Student
  7. Printing the Secured Feature Marksheet and also uploading the same to the Cloud for the Verification and Download of the same
  8. Online SMS/Email/Web Process for the Result Alerts and Evaluation System

OMR India Outsources Pvt. Ltd. is not limited to the above process but is willing to explore to make the system more friendly for evaluators and students as well.

3. Digital Evaluation Process.

In the Digital Age and Post Covid it’s essential for the Evaluators to work from Remote sites. OIPL – IOS Marker is the latest in house development for its clients. Visit for more information.

4. Online Examination Platform.
Scanning of the OMR Sheets
Our infrastructure is capable of scanning 2.5 Lacs sheets a day on OMR and 1 Lacs form for ICR . The data scanning and validation can be done as per requirement of the customer . With trained manpower and high Technological skills we are capable of taking any voluminous job. Our Scanners are the Worlds Best State of Art Scanner Sekonic Japan which has speed ranging from 3500 sheets /hour upto 11,000 sheets per hour. We reach at customer end to get the scanning done or the OMR Sheets can also be sent at our Location.

Result Generation & Merit List
Based on the Data , cleaned edited and the Answer key Post any Objection the Key is compared with the Response of the Student. We are ISO 270001 Certified for the Information Security. The Result generated is Published on the Web and also sent via SMS/Email messages or Call Letter Generated for next Process.