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E-Publishing Services

“Paper books are still the love of the reading” . Most of us say this and still like to , but with digital development happening and the handheld devices and apps like Kindle, Apple books ,Google books , scribd becoming more sophisticated that the difference between paperback edition and Kindle devices are not much. You might not touch paper, but rest all experience remains the same

There are huge advantages with epub now, and one of the biggest advantages is finding the latest book available online and download it within a matter of minutes. Apart from that the old books and documents. 

The Conversion of the Books required a good scanning and then removing noises, converting it to supporting format, making sure that paragraphs are formatted exactly the same as paperback edition. It requires combination of both automation and manual intervention

What is ePUB Conversion?

The ePub format, which is based on standards like Open eBook and XHTML 1.1, was created as a standard for eBooks. It has the capability to provide a solid formatting foundation for eBooks of every size, shape, and format.

Since the ePub format is an open and standard format, if offers easy interoperability between hardware and software for unencrypted digital books and other such online publications. ePUB books are compatible with Windows, MAC, and Linux. Devices like the Sony Reader, Hanlin eReader, and Cool ER also support ePUB books.

OIPL  has been providing superior quality ePUB conversion and formatting services for a wide range of media including MS Word, PDF, Quark, InDesign, 3B2, RTF, XML, etc etc.  We follow strict standards as IDPF making sure  that they are of consistently high-quality and contain advanced formatting features.

ePUB (with the extension. ePUB), one of the XML format’s file extensions, is used for reflowable digital publications and books, enabling interoperability between software and hardware. This allows ePub files to be read natively on your PC, Mac, and on mobile devices including the iPad, iPhone, Sony Reader, Nook, etc. ePUB is also directly accepted by several eBook distribution platforms including Google Books, Barnes and Noble and the Apple iBookStore.

Why use ePUB Conversion for Your eBooks?

ePUB has been internationally recognized as the standard format among major publishers and retailers. Today more and more authors, universities, and publication houses are making the shift towards ePUB, as it allows consumers easy interoperability between software and hardware for digital books and other publications, and allows reader to read any eBook on any device or application compatible with ePUB. This makes it convenient for readers to buy eBooks from any online source. A reader can conveniently create a library of books, without being restricted to a single format or reader. If your eBooks are not ePUB compatible, it can be a major concern considering various advancements that ePUB has brought to the reading world. If you do not invest in ePUB right away, your profits could be at stake.

While Google has adopted the ePUB digital book format for its digital books, IREX and Barnes & Noble will be launching eReaders that will only use the ePUB format. Sony Electronics too has made plans to create digital books using ePUB. Without converting to ePUB, your business could be left out.

Advantages of Converting eBooks to ePUB

  • ePUB is the only format that is compatible with the highest number of software and hardware reading devices
  • ePUB conversion allows effortless creation of ePUB files for multiple distribution channels thereby reducing overall publication costs
  • ePUB enables trouble-free conversion to other formats, for example, .MOBI and .RTF
  • ePUB books enable easy selling through various networks and channels
  • ePUB has proven to be cost-effective for both publishers and readers
  • ePUB allows the books to fit the size of the screen that it is viewed on, making it easier for readers to read an eBook on both smaller as well as larger screens such as tablets, iPad, or a cell phone

Superior Quality ePUB Conversions from OIPL

As an  ePUB conversion partner, you can convert eBooks of any digital format such as PDF, MS Word, HTML, XHTML, InDesign, .MOBI, etc. to the ePUB format in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our ePUB conversion team ensures that the conversion of eBooks to the ePUB format adheres to the IDPF standard guidelines. Some of our services include conversion of eBooks from:

  • PDF to ePUB
  • MS Word to ePUB
  • HTML to ePUB
  • XHTML to ePUB
  • InDesign to ePUB
  • .MOBI to ePUB

As our association being a Book Scanning solutions its easier for us to do ePUB conversions for universities, libraries, corporations, and publishers across the globe is based on our commitment to quality and our ability to deliver projects in a timely fashion. As an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO27001 certified company, we follow a strict quality check procedure to ensure that all ePUB conversions have the highest level of accuracy.

OIPL ePUB conversion services can increase your product margins augmenting your circulation, increasing advertiser value, and expanding your current market. Our pricing structure is specially designed to suit to our clients’ budget in order to provide superior quality services at affordable prices.

Cost Reduction
8-24 Hrs
Faster Turnaround
Satisfied Clients
Skilled Data Management Experts
Years Experience

Outsource ePUB conversions to Flatworld Solutions and benefit from an exponential growth in your business! now and we will get back to you within 24 working hours or less.

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