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OMR India Outsources Pvt. Ltd.

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OMR India Outsources Pvt. Ltd.

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OMR India Outsources Pvt. Ltd.

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Software Development

Data Scanning

In today’s world automation and RPA is the new buzz words, the more automation you do the more is what you can get in terms of efficiency. Doing the monotonous tasks does not add value to the human system and growth . At OIPL we provide Scanning using Image or Document Scanners or OMR Scanning services using OMR or OMR Hybrid Scanners.

Document Scanning Services

If you are Government , NGOs, Corporate, Healthcare or University looking for the Document Scanning Services, you are at the right place.

At OIPL our standards and service level is on the side where we acquire document scanners like Opex Falcon Scanners to Primagest Image Value Scanners.

Papers would vanish some day , but never that would happen or at least we can see that they would continue for another 20 years without much fuss. But of the past they are still there. Every organisation needs Documents at their finger tips but such is the way they have placed their documents that they are not able to retrieve at the time of need. Partly due to business culture but more importantly this is not the part of the Core Business. Thats where our team of specialised comes in the picture, You can trust our organisation in providing the end to end Scanning and Digitisation services along with the DMS Solution that suites your budget.

If you ask today any company they simply would be able to give you the scanned images but how to smartly use the images for your decision making they won’t have any idea. As always we feel for the customer’s needs on business rather than just putting us and getting revenue out of the process. We spent a huge amount of money to get your data scanned and after that what we do with the images?

At OIPL we believe that scanning is important but planning what to scan and what not to is a part of the business workflow . Recently we worked with a Government Revenue Board in India and most of the agency to get more money started to say scan every document, but we smartly reduced the amount of documents needed to be scanned and accordingly the need of the software and hardware. BECAUSE We first understand the workflow and how scanning and digitisation can really improve upon it.

Opex Digitisation Scanner

We are equipped with the world class Opex Falcon Scanners in India and we distribute through our partner company, but we use the same for our outsourcing services. The scanner can literally scan any type of paper, size and provides us the complete workflow. Your documents can be old or new stack of papers, the scanner has the capacity to run 24 /7 without much halt except for cleaning.

At OIPL security and privacy of  your documents is of utmost importance, with One Touch Solution from Opex we are able to ensure that the document would not pass through many hands and thus there is a responsible workflow in the organisation.

OIPL  provides onsite services of the Documents , we install our scanners, our equipment’s,

Our team of data operators along with the software needed to carry out the Meta Data Entry to Tag the Scanned Images.  Our Services are second to none. Every thing is meticulously planned to carry out the fragile documents, old documents , classify them , patch them , clean them for the scanning purpose

  • A Smart Digital Machine, which can capture all type of Document /sizes , first time in INDIAN MARKET which has a workflow in iteslf.
  • All Images can automatically be cleaned, removed and managed at the time of scanning
  • OLD FRAGILE DOCUMENTS can be Processed easily without much preparation like CELLO TAPE, OR STAPLE REMOVAL etc.
  • What would that Mean to us- HIGH EFFICIENCY , ACCOUNTABILITY and RESPONSIBILITY at the Scanning end

For university digital evaluation system , please refer to that section.